Monday, October 19, 2009

"1000km perjalanan bermula dengan satu langkah yang pertama"

"1000km perjalanan bermula dengan satu langkah yang pertama..."

Somehow i found that quote from sumbody's blog.. So, this is my first little baby step..

To start with, I'm not actually much of a writer/speaker.. Kalo nak suruh mengarut tu bole lah, tp kalo nk karang artikel pnjg shelai kertas a4 or nk bg formal speech even 5 menet pun mmg mslh.. Thanx to my "un-serious-ness".. heh

But i believe in sayings "sharing is caring".. As the Prophet Muhammad said Sampaikanlah daripadaku walau sepotong ayat". So i'm looking forward to use this medium to share my little experience, thoughts, book reviews, etc. And since i hate to read and write lengthy words (and i call myself medic student? LOL), i will post more photos than texts. Feel free to view/read and comments.

And so i hope this little effort of my duty as a muslim for the "penyaksian terhadap kebenaran" will be accepted by Him and be counted as a good deeds. Ameen..

..and, last but not least, to 3rd yr MMA students good luck in your Pharmaco colloq this Thursday :)