Friday, April 1, 2011

My bro's SPM


My younger bro just got his SPM result. My dad texted me:

"result hazim 3A+, 2A, 3A-, 2B+, 1C+, yg b dan c tu semua subject sains, habis lah harapan nak buat medic. nampknya blh jd tok imam je lah"

(well, to be honest i am glad if he doesnt take the medic path. i dont want him to end up like me. heh heh..)

few days later, in his FB status my bro wrote:

"fuh~smngat blik lpas kne baSoh ngan ayah ak..dia kata:hidup nie naik turun cm main b0la..kdg2 menang..kdg2 klah..kdang2 injured..renung2kan.."

this is a story of nasihat yg berhikmah seorg ayah kpd anaknye yg gile bola

I miss my Dad
I miss the moments we watched football together, usually in midnight
He can shout, cheer, condemn and complaint tru the 90 mins of dramatic game
I glad he has something he can express his emotions, and not be shamed to do so even in front of us
He is keenly observant
He talk a lot about football tactics and moves, and i learnt a lot from him (well, theoretically...)

Its really hurt when i see he tore his ACL in a match. He undergone a surgery and spent one gloomy year without football.

This is one of the things in played my mind when i decided to become an orthopedic.

sometimes remembering the reasons why you are here can be motivating...

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  1. menitik air mata bile baca post ni~ T___T

    glad to have all of my life~ love~~